Sustainable Bedding is the Future

At LDN we believe in Sustainable Bedding, in fact we believe that sustainable bedding is the future we’re passionate about helping everyone become more environmentally friendly and make better environment choices. Sustainable bedding isn’t on everyone’s agenda and indeed the challenges are much, much broader but we wanted to share with you just why we think something needs to be done and just why sustainable bedding is so important to us.

The state of climate change in 2021 is critical with many countries finally coming together to discuss how we can tackle the crisis. Only recently, two reports from the advisory Climate Change Committee said that the UK isn’t doing enough to tackle climate change. And as time goes on, more and more records are being broken… and we’re not talking about the good kind. In 2020, the highest ever levels of C02 were recorded in the atmosphere and 2019 was the second warmest year on record.

But climate change is more than just warmer weather and high CO2 levels. It has devastating effects on communities and wildlife, and as it stands, 11% of the world’s population are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. These impacts include tougher droughts, devastating floods, and more extreme weather conditions. With all of this in mind, it’s no surprise that our buying habits have changed in recent times as consumers like us demand more eco-friendly and sustainable products.

What is Sustainability?

You will often hear the word ‘sustainable’ banded around, even more so in recent years but what does it really mean? Well, the University of Alberta summarised sustainability as “meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. In short, living as we want to without having a negative impact on our future generations ability to do so too. The notion of sustainability is a relatively new one and adopting even the smallest steps such as recycling waste can have a significantly positive impact in the future.

The Increase in Fast Fashion

Whilst we are seeing a rise in the consumption of and demand for more sustainable products, we’re also seeing an increase in ‘fast fashion’. One of the biggest impacts on the planet is fashion textiles, and more specifically fast fashion. If you think back 20 years or so ago, fashion trends were seasonal, and brands would release a couple of collections each year - if that. These days, that has changed, trends change weekly, and brands are releasing new items daily to try and stay on top of this. The speed of which items can be dispersed has massively increased, and mass consumption has driven the cost of items down, making it all too appealing to consumers. As a result, consumers consider items used once or twice to be old or ‘out of style’ and dispose of them without a second thought, particularly as the item cost so little to buy. To add to all this, garment workers are often underpaid, the fabric used in these items is often unethically sourced cotton and overall, the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of all carbon emissions – this is fast fashion.

But ‘fast fashion’ isn’t just exclusive to clothing, it includes all textiles, including bedding. In the UK 336,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year. We made it one of our missions at LDN Style to reduce that number and create bedding that is not only great for the planet but also good for your sleep too. That means better quality to improve the life of our products, it means better quality and zero shedding in the wash, it means a stronger, softer fabric weave to reduce wear and all this coupled with our commitment to sustainable Cotton with the Better Cotton Initiative means less waste and more sustainability in all of our products.

Why We Support the Better Cotton Initiative

Sustainable Bedding is one of the reasons why we support the Better Cotton Initiative. Since being established in 2009, the Better Cotton Initiative has become one of the largest cotton sustainability programmes in the world and is supported by brands such as GAP, Adidas, Next and UNICEF. Unlike the world of ‘fast fashion’, BCI works to ensure that the cotton provided is ethically sourced and does so by ensuring that the farmers who grow the cotton adhere to 7 principles. These are:

  • Crop protection
  • Water stewardship
  • Health of the soil
  • Land responsibility
  • Fibre quality
  • Decent work
  • Management system

To summarise, the BCI ensures that all cotton farmers have the correct systems and processes in place, so that they are able to grow and farm cotton in a way that is not only great for the planet, but the environment and communities where it is grown. This includes reducing the number of pesticides used, managing water usage and waste, and providing solid workers’ rights.

All of LDN’s duvet covers, pillowcases and bed sheets are made using 100% BCI approved cotton, so that when you buy from us you know that all the fabrics have been ethically sourced and approved by the better cotton initiative. This not only increases the lifespan of the bedding but increases the quality ten-fold.

Each of one of our duvet sets has been inspired by the sights and shapes of London and comes in a variety of stylish colours to suit any bedroom. The use of BCI approved cotton also means that every one of our items, has a soft luxurious finish and unlike fast fashion items will not wear out overtime. So much so, we guarantee that our products will last for at least 50 washes and best of all – don’t require any ironing! We also believe that our kids deserve a little luxury too, that’s why we’ve created a sustainable bedding collection just for kids using 100% BCI assured cotton, interwoven with quality threads creating a comfortable and breathable duvet set – perfect for you little one’s sleep.

Good for the Planet, Great for Sleep

At LDN, we’re proud to make high quality sustainable bedding sets that not only feel luxurious to touch and are made to last, but are good for the planet and even better for sleep. Follow us on our journey as we continue to not only provide sustainable, ethically sourced bedding but also work to ensure that all of our items are made using a completely eco-friendly manufacturing process.

You can view all of our collections here

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