The Latest Bedding Trends for 2021

Our bedrooms are our sanctuary, it’s the place where we look forward to retiring most at the end of a long, stressful day. With the quiet excitement of climbing into our beds, our bedrooms are where we feel safe, and where we feel most relaxed. The room is no longer just the place you go to sleep, it’s a place that brings us solitude, comfort, joy and intimacy so it’s no wonder that bedroom décor is so important to us. The bedroom is the one room in the house where you can truly be yourself, physically and mentally and often enough our décor choices reflect that.

It’s where our personalities shine through most without the prying eyes of guests, and where we tend to be the most expressive with the décor. With neutral earthy colours, soft country pastels and natural textures, the biggest trends for bedroom décor this year are timeless. We have scoured the internet and the latest interior blogs to bring you the biggest bedroom trends for 2021, join us as we explore these in more detail.

Texture, Texture, Texture!

One of the biggest trends this year is texture. Adding different textures through bedding, wallpaper, and decorative features adds dynamic and character to your bedroom. You’ll start to see a lot of rattan and wicker features in the décor this year along with wooden wall panels making a long overdue comeback. In terms of bedding, the additions and of cushions and throws will continue to make an appearance and natural fabrics such as cottons, and linens will be popular choices for bedding covers, sheets, and pillowcases.

Natural fabrics are the desired choice for many as we all look to buy more eco-friendly items and improve our own sustainability. In more recent years, awareness of the negative impact that manufacturing has on the environment has encouraged people to change their lifestyles and in turn, our buying habits have changed as we look to live more sustainably. When looking for eco-friendly bedding, you want to look out for certain approvals such as Fair Trade or the Better Cotton Initiative. The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) ensures that all cotton used has been ethically sourced and has a positive impact on the farmers and communities where the cotton is grown.

Each of LDN Style’s bedding collections are made using modern textured tufted cotton on the upper and soft BCI approved jersey cotton underneath, keeping on trend with the textures and fabrics. Influenced by the sites and shapes found in London, each collection has a unique design perfect for adding dimension to any bedroom.

Our pillowcases and sheets come in a choice of textures from the classic Seersucker to the extremely popular Jacquard and are made using the highest quality stretch jersey for a soft and snuggly feel. Incorporate these into your duvet sets for additional textures

Bringing the outside, in. 

There is nothing more stylish than a crisp white bedding set. You can add a pop of colour with bed cushions or add an eclectic throw for a personal touch, but white bedding is classic and timeless. Which is why white, along with earthy hues, grey and neutrals are a popular choice for décor colour this year. Think greys, creams, and shades of green.

With the events of the past year and being unable to get outside as much as we’d like, we’re seeing a trend influenced by bringing the outside in. With the sales of house plants soaring and the demand for earthy colour paints and textured wallpapers increasing, these calming, earthy bedding palettes along with the introduction of greenery are soothing and keep your bedroom looking fresh all year long.

If you’re on the lookout for a bedding set that is on trend, look no further. All of our collections come in variety of colours including white, warm creams and different shades of grey which can be discovered here.

Mismatched bedding is in?

Bedding sets don’t have to match, in fact one of the hottest trends for this year is a mismatched duvet set. Like the rest of your bedroom, you can add interest to your bedding by using different colours, for example charcoal pillows paired with a white bedding set or you could try adding a forest green bedding sheet to a neutral duvet. Whatever you choose, keep it simple. Whilst mismatched sheets are a trend right now, so is minimal design. You want your bedroom space to be clean, and clutter free – it’s a place of rest after all.

Minimal designs add a touch of luxury to your space so whilst we would encourage you to be adventurous with your colour choices, keep it simple. Bear in mind the trending colours and textures and don’t over complicate it.

Explore our different bedding sets, pillowcases, and sheets and play around with different combinations to add a more contemporary feel to your bedroom.

Choose LDN

Whatever trend, décor, or theme you choose for your bedroom, LDN Style have a collection of modern and soft to touch bedding sets, pillowcases, and duvets to suit all room styles along with a choice of timeless and on trend colours to choose from.

All of our collections are made using 100% BCI approved cotton for a comfortable and luxurious night’s sleep, so not only are our sets good for sleep, but they’re also great for the environment too!

Choose style, choose LDN Style.

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