Pillowcases Pair Light Duck Egg Blue - Stretch Seersucker Jersey

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  • Stretch Seersucker Jersey
  • Stretch Seersucker Jersey
  • Stretch Seersucker Jersey
  • Stretch Seersucker Jersey
  • Stretch Seersucker Jersey

The perfect accompaniment to a well dressed bed, these classic Light Duck Egg Blue Stretch Seersucker Cotton Jersey Housewife Pillowcases in cotton are guaranteed for a minimum of 50 washes. Made using 80% BCI Approved Cotton and 20% Polyester for an elegant soft, stretch quality. 

The breathable, super soft fabric is ideal for a restful, relaxing night's sleep. 

Why Seersucker? Unlike traditional pillowcases, the Seersucker Range has a crimped fabric structure, interlacing smooth and textured fabric to allow air to breathe naturally throughout the pillowcases. The result? A natural, more peaceful night's sleep.

Pillow Case x 2 - 50CM x 75 CM + Flap


  • 100% Organic Cotton Inspired Fibres
  • Ethically sourced cotton
  • Woven Jacquard Cotton Finish
  • Guaranteed for 50 washes
  • Light Duck Egg Seersucker Textured Pillow Cases


All our products come in a reusable fabric bag so that after washing you can fold and re-pack and store for next use;
Zero ironing required!!
Our bedlinen is more than easy care.

About the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Supported by HRH Prince Charles, The Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) is the largest cotton sustainability programme in the world. Working with farmers globally to produce cotton in a way that is ethical, better for the environment and  better for all communities. Already adopted by brands including Burberry, GANT, Hugo Boss and John Lewis, LDN Style are proud to support textiles for the future.